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I have a pending payment and no order confirmation.

If you didn’t reach the “Thanks for your Order” page and didn’t receive an Order Confirmation email, we don’t have your order and the payment hasn’t gone through. If you created an account with us, your order may show as “Order Failed”. You may, however, see a pending transaction on your bank statement for the value of the order.

Here’s why.

We have a security setting in our checkout that asks our payment provider Stripe to decline payments where the CVC check fails, or where the post code check fails. If your bank approves a payment where the check has failed, Stripe declines the payment on our end. The approval will fall off your card statement in a few hours to a few days. The time this takes varies from bank to bank.

In summary, your bank has said the transaction is OK, our payment system said, no it’s not (based upon a set of rules in place to protect us, their customer), so the payment was not taken. You are seeing your banks approval, not a payment. Hence why is it ‘pending’. The pending charge will disappear shortly if it hasn’t already.

The tickets you tried to purchase are not saved for you. You will need to make a new order and a new payment to secure your tickets.

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