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Are you a Doubter? Have you been bamboozled, railroaded? Is your belief in the Big Man himself fading away? You need to book tickets for Polar Express Kent! The magical journey of a lifetime, all you Doubters will be transformed into Believers before the train ride is through. From the first steam whistle to the final ring of the bell, each moment of the trip will be filled with wonder. Whether you are bringing the children, grandchildren or just yourselves to experience the wonder of THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride, there’s a little taste of Christmas magic for everyone.

How do I get tickets for Polar Express Kent?

Tickets can be found at our website, https://spavalleythepolarexpressride.com. Prices and availability can be found at https://spavalleythepolarexpressride.com/availability. We offer Premium and Standard tickets, located in their own carriages. The experience is broadly the same across both Premium and Standard carriages, the primary difference being the centrally located boarding for Premium as well as a free exclusive mug for each member of your party (aged 2+ or with their own seat).

Is Polar Express Kent accessible?

As with all THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Rides, the carriages we use are heritage railway carriages. As such, they have much narrower doorways than modern trains and therefore will sadly be unable to accommodate wheelchair access. However, if you are mobile enough to be able to walk the short distance and step between platform and carriage, or are able to have assistance to do so, you can request end of carriage seats which will minimise travel distance and we can arrange for your wheelchair to be transported to the departure location. For those passengers who receive HIGHER RATE DLA or PIP, we offer a 50% discount on a carer ticket to help enable those who need a carer to attend the experience. We also offer autism-friendly train rides, where the noise and light levels are altered to a more manageable level and the staff can take any needs of the passengers into account.

What to expect from Polar Express

Arrive between 30-45 minutes before your scheduled departure time to ensure you have time to look around the site. Please do not arrive any earlier, as you will be unable to access the site. There will be opportunities to buy Polar Express merch to take with you on the train, as well as food and drink opportunities. Please note you aren’t allowed to take this, or other external food and drink, with you on the train. When the train is about to leave the station the friendly chefs will welcome you aboard and help you find your seats. The Conductor will introduce himself and then we will leave on our magical journey to the North Pole. You’ll be entertained with singing, dancing and all manner of shenanigans on the journey, before meeting a very special vistor – Mr C himself, aboard the Polar Express to meet you all. After your family has met Santa, we head back home, full of the magic of Christmas. Extend your experience by visiting Santa’s Workshop, where you can visit our gift shop as well as let off some steam according to the Christmas Spirit.

Do I have to wear pyjamas to the Polar Express?

Although all the guests of the Polar Express in the film wear their pyjamas, it is not mandatory to wear your pyjamas for the Polar Express Kent. However, should you choose to do so we can guarantee you won’t be alone! Most of our passengers get into the Christmas spirit, with everything from matching family pyjamas to Christmas onesies and light up jumpers.

Where to stay for the Polar Express Kent

The address of the experience is West Station, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 5QY. There is no hotel attached to the event, but particularly if you are on a later train you may well wish to make a weekend out of your wondrous train ride. We recommend booking in advance, as we anticipate that at peak times it will be difficult to find local accomodation. Your family may well be worn out by all the excitement! Make sure you have a pair of offical Polar Express Pyjamas to really make the most of your night’s holiday.

Do I need to watch the film?

The Polar Express film (2004) is the basis for most of the Polar Magic on board the train. However, as the train ride takes you through the major events of the film you do not have to have watched the film to fully experience the train ride. For those of you who are major film fans, though, you’ll notice some special easter eggs put in just for you – have a look in the vents above the seating to see if you can spot Hero Girl’s missing tickets. Plus, if the carriage suddenly gets cold, and you start seeing things the chef can’t – a familiar face might be nearby, checking whether you’re a Doubter or a True Believer!

If you’re more of a book fan than a film fan, why not get your copy of POLAR EXPRESS with your tickets? An absolutely stunning picture book, it will take you through the adventures you’ll have on board the train over and over again. If you have your own copy, make sure to bring it along with you for the train ride – for a section of the journey, you’ll be treated to a narrated look through the book itself, where you can follow along with your own copy. Plus, when meeting Father Christmas, if you ask he might even autograph the book for you as a lasting memento of your trip.

The Polar Express Kent is a brand new immersive theatrical experience on board a heritage steam train, launching for the very first time in 2021. Don’t miss out – book your tickets today!

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