Magical POLAR EXPRESS Tickets for your child!

Surprise your child with magical THE POLAR EXPRESS Tickets

THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride returns this Christmas to the Spa Valley Railway and we thought sharing ideas to present your golden tickets to the little ones might come in handy. Need to book your Polar Express tickets? Book tickets to The Polar Express

Ideas to present tickets to THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride

We have dreamed up with the help of our guests some fantastic ways you can surprise the little ones with their Golden Tickets. If you have any other ideas, please do share them with us.

20211210 Wallingford 108

Elf-Style Chillin’

Elf of the shelf, an elf of mystery. Give them the credit, and make it funny. Imagine the Elf won’t stop ringing bells, or they keep blowing train whistles throughout the day. When they least expect it the Golden Tickets are found with the Elf surrounded by cookie crumbs.

Best served COLD

Tickets from the North Pole should be cold, right? First, put them in a sandwich bag, to protect the goods of course, wait a few minutes, hours, how long you got? Then post them through the door of the surprisee. Watch the magic happen right before your eyes!

POP goes the… Balloon?

Picture this, a room full of balloons, each balloon is popped, until a certain balloon explodes with confetti, out fall the tickets! Clean up!? Henry will sort it.

‘X’ Marks the spot!

Treasure hunt, clues and hints hidden for the family to find. Using some Polar Express puns ‘I do not rustle the sheet, I must go upstairs to rest, where do I go? What do we want? HOT CHOCOLATE! let’s go into the kitchen.’

Classic Magician

What can I pull out of my hat? Polar Express Tickets of course North Pole Trading has a selection of official The Polar Express merchandise for sale. Watch the amazement, as you pull out tickets to the Polar Express. 

Go big or go HO HO Home!

Decorate your car or any vehicle you have, even use cardboard boxes and make them into a car, train or even a bus.  Play train bells, train whistles, anything train! Gather your family for the big reveal of the Polar Express.

THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride at Spa Valley Railway

Starting your journey at Tunbridge Wells West station, this is where the magic begins.Chefs dressed in white will wave to you from the train windows, whilst you’ll await the ‘ALL ABOARD!’

Onto the train you go! whilst aboard the Polar Express, you’ll be amongst enthusiastic chefs, ecstatic elves. And of course, the main man himself, Santa!!  

Singing, dancing is what to expect, ’cause that’s the way things happen on the Polar Express.

20211210 Wallingford 106

Take selfies, have laughs and most importantly, make amazing memories!Make sure you’re looking out of the window when you go through the North Pole, Santa will be waiting and waving. 

With smiles on your face and a tummy full of hot chocolate and cookies, you will have plenty of photo opportunities to take home with you and cherish. #thepolarexpressspavalley

No matter how you choose to give your surprise, you’ll have a magical, wonderful time on the Polar Express Spa Valley, and we look forward to see you!Don’t forget to check for holes in your pockets, and keep the first gift of Christmas safe. Most importantly, keep your Golden Tickets safe and along with that, do not forget to bring your letter with your seating details. These will be sent out to you closer to the time of your journey.

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